Southernmost Bee Hive

Southernmost Bee Hive Move

What an interesting Sunday. A friend of mine had a beehive in her home she needed to remove. I recommend someone I knew to do the job without killing the bees. So today we went and did it. We used a hole saw to see if the bees were where we thought they would be, and they were. After locating them we cut a larger hole to work from. This hive is healthy and beautiful, an amazing piece of art, but it has to go. So we fired up the bee vacuum and started sucking up bees. They weren’t very aggressive at all, they just kept clinging to the hive. The comb came out in slabs which were hung in new frames and put into a new hive box. The job was done around sunset and we got at least 99% of them. Not sure yet if we captured the queen, but lets hope. Without her, the hive won’t make it.

This honey has an extra special sweetness to it with all of the tropical flowers here in the Keys. My favorite is black mangrove and dogwood blossoms. Nothing else like it.

As many of you may know, the bee population is under a lot of stress. Their numbers are down due to a lot of different things. Many times bees choose to move in to houses causing problems with the homeowners. If this happens to you, please contact a local be removal expert in your area. If you choose to poison the bees in your attic or crawl space, just remember there is probably a lot of honey and brood that will now start to rot. This can create a bigger problem with flies and critters. And just remember, without bees, we won’t survive. Pollination is everything.