Southernmost Sunset Green Sea Turtle

Kevin The Green Sea Turtle

While out on the kayaks tonight, I came across a Green Sea Turtle. This was really exciting to me because you don’t see many of them anymore.But something was wrong, turtles are graceful in the water, this one seemed to be having some troubles.when I got the kayak over him, I noticed his front flippers were gone, and he was covered…

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Cornholio The Cormorant

Let me introduce you to Cornholio the Cormorant. On tonight’s Sunset kayaking trip out to Rachel Key, I came across this guy. Unlike the other very skittish birds who flew off, he just sat there looking at me. After a closer inspection, he looked to be very weak and disoriented. He was trying to flop his way to the water, but just didn’t have…

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Southernmost Sunset Bee Hive

Southernmost Bee Hive

What an interesting Sunday. A friend of mine had a beehive in her home she needed to remove. I recommend someone I knew to do the job without killing the bees. So today we went and did it. We used a hole saw to see if the bees were where we thought they would be, and they were. After locating them we cut a larger hole to work from…

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Southernmost Sunset Lucky-The-Hawk-Blog-Pic

The Story of Lucky The Hawk

I can’t believe it has been over a year since I rescued Lucky. For all of my new followers, this is the story of Lucky the Coopers Hawk, and this is his story.
Where to start? I guess at the end, and go backwards to the start. To say tonight was an epic evening on the water would be an understatement. The wind stopped blowing,

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The Story of Chris The Turtle

Living in the Florida Keys gives me the unique opportunity of kayaking every night. When your out there on the water you see a lot of different kinds of wildlife on every trip. Last week I came across a large….

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If anyone out there wonders what it is like to go out for a sunset kayak cruise with the Southernmost Sunset, this is your chance to see it. You will need to put yourself into a calm state, get your head right, exhale….

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Southernmost Sunset Cemetery Pics

Sunset at Calvary Cemetery of St. Louis

As some of you may know, I have spent the last week in St. Louis for business and pleasure. The biz end of it was printer repair…

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