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The Full Line of Southernmost Sunset CBD Hemp Care Products are Coming Soon!


CBD Hemp Care by Southernmost Sunset

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Last year when KP and Krusty took our road trip out to Colorado, one of our stops was to go take photos and video of the Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp Products ranch, horses and families. We had been doing the marketing for them for over a year and personally witnessed the quality products they had to offer and seen the results they provide to horses, pets and people. In 2020 we are working with these great ladies to develop a line of Southernmost Sunset Hemp Care Products.

These CBD Hemp Care Products will be Florida Keys based flavors and products to help our friends and supporters Relax, Relieve & Rejuvenate. We hope to have the online store up and running within the next couple of months and will be selling to the public, as well as wholesaling to boutiques and shops around the country. Please contact us if you’d like to know more!