If anyone out there wonders what it is like to go out for a sunset kayak cruise with the Southernmost Sunset, this is your chance to see it. You will need to put yourself into a calm state, get your head right, exhale. Now get a firm grip on the paddle and follow me down the canal to the great wide open. As we glide across the top of this serine waters, imagine the feeling of the warm salty air gently blowing out of the south at just a little less than a breeze. As we slip along the glass like bay you can feel the cool pockets of air mixed in with the warm that come and go as quickly as the pelicans who float by with in reach of your kayak. You notice how they look transfixed on their mission as they go by at such high speeds, yet motionless at the same time as they ride that air pocket. Every now and the they will give it two are three flaps just to let you know they are real.

Tonight the tide is low enough to hear the whisper of the sea grass caressing the bottom of the kayak as you cross the grass flats heading out to Rachel Key. You have only been on the water for a few minutes,but you can already feel the ocean spray on your skin and the little salt crystals building up on your eyelids. This is what they mean by the term “salt life”, you can taste it just by licking your lips. Now it seems like you just got a nice rhythm set with your rowing, and we are here already, Rachel Key. It is a place for birds only, man couldn’t take this little Island. It is formed out of really sharp coral rock with no sand, and is covered in a nice layer of bird poop, you don’t want to get on that island. But you can paddle right up to it, and place your video camera on it while you snap pics with the Nikon. After the sun has made its silent descent into the water, you gather your thoughts, reflect on the day, sit silently for a few minutes then start the trek back to the dock.

The trip home always takes longer, you don’t want this experience to end, so you paddle a little slower taking in all the beauty around. Now that you are going at a more leisurely rate, you realize the water below you is crystal clear and full of wildlife. One moment you’re watching a stingray slip under your boat, and then a little startled when ten or twelve bait fish breach the water right in front of you trying to escape the big mouth of the tarpon in the air behind them. Its like you are in a three foot deep aquarium loaded with life who doesn’t even notice you are there. Then out of the corner of your eye you catch something big and slow, yes a manatee, the most gentle of all sea creatures. He pops his head up for a breath, and then slips quietly away into the distance never even acknowledging you presence.

Sometimes if your lucky, you get to see a pod of dolphins or a sea turtle or two. Once the sun is down and twilight has creeped in, the cormorants start their evening croak session. Shortly after the crickets join in and the drone of distant boats and prop planes supply the bass line. You don’t want this to ever end. But as the darkness falls, you realize, it ok, I can do it again tomorrow. So for those of you who say I have been rubbing it in over these last few months, I was being nice, this is what rubbing it in looks and sounds like.

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