Southernmost Sunset Sonja Sun


Sonja Sunset

Sonja, Sonje, Sonia, or Sonya, no matter how you spell it, it means Wisdom. Sonja is as common around the world as the sunset is itself. Sonja can be found in of the oldest cultures around the world, but has her origins in the ancient Greeks. This lovely lady started her journey in the mangrove swamps of the West Indies. After an early summer tropical storm peeled her roots from the rock on which she grew, she lay there doomed to rot in the swamp. Before this could happen. a local artisan came across her in the path. Seeing this as an opportunity to make art from debris, the root-ball was harvested and the carving began. As Sonja emerged from the wood, a Medusa like quality took over her gaze. The same one most people get while they stare blankly into the Sunset. After she was finished, she was sold into the art market making her way to Cancun Mexico.

After many years greeting visitors there in a, well we can go into that later, she was bartered off to a Florida Keys local in exchange for some unmentionable services. A few years back We here at Southernmost Sunset were searching for a unforgettable Icon. We couldn’t seem to find the right one no matter where we looked. It had to be original and unique.

Then one night we got a call to help a friend in need. This friend was living on Cathrine Street in Key West and had to move immediately.  We came over to help her pack, and there she was, Sonja hanging on a fence in the back yard staring off into the distance. The friend told us we could have Sonja if we took good care of her and helped with the move. At this point Sonja was in rough shape. There were termites and bugs living in and on her. But she came home with us, and after a restoration and a paint job, she now gets another ticket on her magical journey as the face of the Southernmost Sunset for as long as she wants. Welcome home Sonja.