Sunset at Calvary Cemetery of St. Louis

As some of you may know, I have spent the last week in St. Louis for business and pleasure. The biz end of it was printer repair and web page building, pleasure was the St. Louis Mardi Gras. Yes St. Louis does have a Mardi Gras, second largest in the country. The printer works, the web page is up, and my krewe, The Mystic Knights of the Purple Haze, took second place in the float completion. So tonight I finally had enough time to go catch a sunset. Well it’s 19 degrees out and fresh snow on the ground, I’m going to Calvary Cemetery. I can’t think of a more out of my element place to go than there.

Calvary is the largest, and oldest gothic cemetery west of the Mississippi river. It is huge, bigger than NYC’s Central Park. It is one of the most beautiful places in St. Louis. It was so very calm and serene there it reminded me of the mangroves back home. With everything blanketed in snow, the sounds of the surrounding city noises were all muffled into a low hummm. The sun hung low in the sky casting long stretched shadows of angels and crucifixes across the snow covered grounds. Golden beams of twinkling lights shined between the bare branches of the giant dormant oak tress that reached high in to the cold blue gray sky.

The pictures turned out great, the sunset was gorgeous and when I got to the gate, it was locked down. These weren’t the kind of gates you were going to be breach either. They are BIG and cast iron. So there I sat, in north St. Louis locked in a cemetery, it’s getting dark, temp is dropping and I’m low on gas. Now what? Then I realize I’m probably in the safest place in north city, locked in a cemetery. So I go to the office and call the number on the door. I get machine saying go to our web site. I call the Catholic Archdiocese who run the cemetery, closed for Presidents day. Think Think! Who do I call? Maybe call a friend, hop the fence and leave the car? No. Call people in the industry, the closest funeral home. So I google funeral homes and get a hold of Knox, a very helpful man who works with the Ronald L Jones Funeral Chapels right by the cemetery. I figured if anyone would know an insider at Calvary, it would be them. Well Knox came through, he knew a man who just retired, who called the grave digger Kevin, who came and released me from the cemetery. As much as I like cemeteries, I wasn’t looking forward to sleeping in one. Thank you Knox and Kevin. Here are a few of the pics I took on this adventure.

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