The Story of Lucky the Coopers Hawk

The Story of Lucky The Hawk

I can’t believe it has been over a year since I rescued Lucky. For all of my new followers, this is the story of Lucky the Coopers Hawk, and this is his story.
Where to start? I guess at the end, and go backwards to the start. To say tonight was an epic evening on the water would be an understatement. The wind stopped blowing, dead calm waters, high wispy clouds, crisp clear air and lots of birds to take pictures of. So. after a most spectacular sunset I start paddling back in from the bay. As I’m passing through the Cormorants in the water, I notice one of them isn’t croaking, it’s screaming. As I get closer I realize it is a Hawk in distress. This poor guy was probably fishing and got his wings to wet for flight and is now in an out going tide with no land in his path. As I came up on him, he panicked at first and tried to swim away but after realizing he wasn’t getting anywhere, he swam over towards me for help. I put my paddle in the water and scooped his tired ass up on the front of my kayak. He stood there staring at me panting with exhaustion. He didn’t really seem scared, just thankful. After about 5 minutes on the kayak, he turned around and flew off to Rachel Key. Here are a few pictures. Stay tuned tonight, I have great video of this spectacular encounter with the natural world. I think I’m gonna name this Hawk Lucky.

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